what they’re wearing…

I love when I can just sit back and peruse all my favourite blogs. I gather endless inspiration for not only what and how to wear something, but for decor and vacation and food. I love that all this is at my fingertips. I also always am on the lookout for newbies. Here are a few pictures of what some of my all-time no-fail bloggers are up to…

Arielle of somethingnavy.com
Sara of collagevintage.com
Kimberly of eatsleepwear.com
Taye of stuffshelikes.net
Krystal of thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com


what they’re wearing…

Every morning I sit and peruse my favourite online magazines, my twitter feed, and blogs. I look for inspiration. When I find it, I share it. Here is what a few of my faves are wearing…I hope they inspire you too.


galmeetsglam.com apartment34.com witwhimsy.com

source:  click on images