cooler weather…

Okay, so now that we all have come to grips with the fact that cooler weather is here we can all love this sale at where we can use code MAINEVENT16 to receive an extra 25% to 30% off. But the sale is for a limited time only so…

wrap it up…

Is there anything more exciting and (let’s face it) more forgiving than a wrap? Be it a wrap sweater, waist band, or shawl I am loving this new trend! Check these out…

Dress Shopbop $495

Top Shopbop $475

Shawl Tibi $350

bare it…

2fe986d3535d413ffc6b8e1bc7707a0f $79 CAD

When a trend comes along that I love and feel good wearing I get very excited. I love the off shoulder tops and dresses (I may have posted this before). I especially love that this is a look that almost every woman can wear. There are so many variations of the look that there really is no excuse for you not to find the perfect one for you. I love the one above from or this one from or this from or this floral beauty from

happy happy yellow…


I just love yellow. Something about it is just so cheerful and comforting. Admittedly, it isn’t a colour that I can easily wear but I do love the punch it gives in unexpected places. Like yellow boots. What a great idea…time to scout out yellow boots.


  1.,  $35 CAD
  2.,  $275 CAD
  3.,  $33 CAD
  4.,  $640 CAD
  5.,  $260 CAD
  6.,  $739 CAD