to bare or not to bare…

I have to admit that at the first hint of warmer weather I want nothing more than to shed the layers I’ve been cocooning under all winter. But, well my legs may need some TLC before that happens. Not to mention that I don’t feel as confident in short styles as I used to. It  isn’t that I feel women over a certain age should stay away from total leg bearing it’s just that I for one would rather not. Unless I’m on the beach of course!


Afterall…if I can achieve the same thing in a pencil skirt why not go for it in a way that suits me much better.

Striped strappy sandal  /  Three colour pump  /   Pink pump  /  CD pencil skirt  /  DVF pencil skirt

Cable knit crop  /  Twisted knit crop  /  Striped knit crop

bohemian style…

In keeping with the bohemian vibe that is present this season, I want to share this mini dress that I came across while shopping one of my favourite sites. It seems perfect for me although I don’t normally gravitate towards anything more than an inch or two above the knee (well, unless I’m at the beach of course). This dress somehow is short without feeling short. I love how light and breezy it feels and I absolutely am ga-ga over the added tassels at the hem. Similar styles sensi / madewell / etoile isabelle marant   


net-a-porter $300 CAD
net-a-porter $300 CAD