white booties…

So it seems that white booties are a thing. Honestly? I think I like it. I am kind of tired of the same old black ones. I’m ready for a change. Okay, so the ones I really love are a bit pricey (check them out) but I love these just as much…not to mention the price tag <3. I also love the retro feel of these ones.

photo:  waynetippetts.com


I have to admit that one of the reasons I love shearling jackets is that they offer such warmth. Or at least they look like they do. They can be quite costly and frankly one of those transition pieces that in weather like ours (Toronto) can only be worn for a very short period. But that doesn’t stop me from searching for one that I can easily justify as a must-have piece in my wardrobe. This incredibly priced one from yoins is just too good to be true as is this oneAnd like I said, it isn’t like I’ll be wearing it in January so who cares if it doesn’t offer any real warmth. I just want to look good now. 

photo:  waynetippetts.com

wrap it up…

Is there anything more exciting and (let’s face it) more forgiving than a wrap? Be it a wrap sweater, waist band, or shawl I am loving this new trend! Check these out…

Dress Shopbop $495

Top Shopbop $475

Shawl Tibi $350


Another summer weekend has gone by, Monday again. I don’t hate Mondays, I just have always really, really disliked them. So, to put me in a good mood to start the week I will look for things that make me happy…like feathers and the colour pink. What? Pink feathers? There is definitely a smile on my face now.

photo:  waynetippetts.com

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bare it…


chicwish.com $79 CAD

When a trend comes along that I love and feel good wearing I get very excited. I love the off shoulder tops and dresses (I may have posted this before). I especially love that this is a look that almost every woman can wear. There are so many variations of the look that there really is no excuse for you not to find the perfect one for you. I love the one above from chicwish.com or this one from asos.com or this from topshop.com or this floral beauty from farfetch.com