bare it…

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When a trend comes along that I love and feel good wearing I get very excited. I love the off shoulder tops and dresses (I may have posted this before). I especially love that this is a look that almost every woman can wear. There are so many variations of the look that there really is no excuse for you not to find the perfect one for you. I love the one above from or this one from or this from or this floral beauty from

happy happy yellow…


I just love yellow. Something about it is just so cheerful and comforting. Admittedly, it isn’t a colour that I can easily wear but I do love the punch it gives in unexpected places. Like yellow boots. What a great idea…time to scout out yellow boots.


  1.,  $35 CAD
  2.,  $275 CAD
  3.,  $33 CAD
  4.,  $640 CAD
  5.,  $260 CAD
  6.,  $739 CAD




white on…

It hardly seems possible in this summer heat that the weather will soon turn cold again. But, it will of course. Until that happens we can wear our white shoes to our hearts’ content. While I personally am not a believer that white should not be worn after September I do think that certain exceptions to that rule exist. For example I (of course this is a personal opinion) would not wear a white sandal at any time of year  other than summer. So, having said that…I love these Enida Schutz block heel sandals in white or theses wedge sandals by DayaneYum!!


what’s on sale…

Very little gets me more excited than getting SALE notifications from my favourite online stores (sorry, not sorry) so…I will spread the joy by informing you all about the ones I can’t resist. Use Code SALEONSALE Use Code SALE20 Use Code EXTRA20 Use Code ZUG60 *THIS IS A 24 HOUR FLASH SALE

Happy shopping!