white booties…

So it seems that white booties are a thing. Honestly? I think I like it. I am kind of tired of the same old black ones. I’m ready for a change. Okay, so the ones I really love are a bit pricey (check them out) but I love these just as much…not to mention the price tag <3. I also love the retro feel of these ones.

photo:  waynetippetts.com


I have to admit that one of the reasons I love shearling jackets is that they offer such warmth. Or at least they look like they do. They can be quite costly and frankly one of those transition pieces that in weather like ours (Toronto) can only be worn for a very short period. But that doesn’t stop me from searching for one that I can easily justify as a must-have piece in my wardrobe. This incredibly priced one from yoins is just too good to be true as is this oneAnd like I said, it isn’t like I’ll be wearing it in January so who cares if it doesn’t offer any real warmth. I just want to look good now. 

photo:  waynetippetts.com

cooler weather…

Okay, so now that we all have come to grips with the fact that cooler weather is here we can all love this sale at shopbop.com where we can use code MAINEVENT16 to receive an extra 25% to 30% off. But the sale is for a limited time only so…

copenhagen fashion week ss17…

There is soooo much more than just Paris/London/Milan/New York. Here is Copenhagen and it is marvelous!!!


photos:  vogue.co.uk  harpersbazaar.com  scandinaviastandard.com  


Stand Stockholm Spring 2017
Whyred Stockholm Spring 2017
Greta Gram Stockholm Spring 2017
Diana Orving Stockholm Spring 2017
Ida Klamborn Stockholm Spring 2017

all runway photos:  vogue.com